We distribute tapioca starch industrial machinery.
Consulting, design and installation of machinery

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improve the quality of product

Install the entire factory machine and test the work.

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KRS Standard Machinery
Oily powder

Thai Machinery European Standard

New Thai Standards Parts imported from Europe are staffed to learn the system.
VDO processing

Adopt modern technology
Applied to the factory.

Smart Factory

ScADA sends data to mobile to know the information in accordance with the conditions required.
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Quality Assurance

Engineering Team Product Quality Check

All products are inspected by a dedicated team of trained engineers.
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KRS Innotech

Sales and design of tapioca starch factory, complete production process.

Modern Machine design
Reduce production process
Reduces the cost of producing oily flour.
Machinery and spare parts are long lasting.
Computer-controlled operation
Increase production rates faster

Reduce costs

Good factory design reduces time and workflow.

The process of passing

Seamless production Replace parts without stopping the process.

Parts & Parts

We import and manufacture our own parts, develop and adapt them to the best.


We have a nationwide customer care team guaranteed with a full 1 year warranty.

Factory design with 3D system

We develop our systems with modern technology. Can be replaced with older devices as well.